We recently received this feedback from a recent client we thought would be great to share.

“Good day Neil.

I would like to express our greatest appreciation for the masterpiece you created for us.

I have been wanting to give my wife a Tanzanite stone set in white gold for her birthday for the past 6 years, but knowing the cost of these magnificent stones had to postpone it every year hoping that it will be possible the following year.

With her birthday coming up later this month this year was almost no different. The difference is this year we had a conference to attend in Cape Town just before her birthday, so this made it possible to find and go see a jeweler that can assist.

Through long hours and lots of “investigating” I stumbled upon Neil Gradwells Gems. I contacted Neil and told him what we want. He suggested that we find a picture of what we what and send it to him. In the meantime he send me pictures and the certificate for a perfect size and Grade Tanzanite stone that he managed to secure.

We send him a picture and he gave us a price. 2 days later we found ourselves in his office in the center of Cape Town. It did not take long to realize, “This man knows his stones”

We discussed the making and he was very accommodating in all our request. Even when we gave him the ridiculous time frame we needed it done in. He simply said, that is a tall order but we will see what we can do.

The morning of the day we hoped to get the ring, I called him and he said that they will be ready for us. Later that day we went to collect it. We were very nervous, because you know. Everything on Google looks beautiful. What are the chances that they can make something to look like that perfect Google picture…..

Well. With the years of experience Neil Gradwells Gems have, they pulled it off. In a record time they managed to create a masterpiece from nothing. Something so beautiful that we can only stand in awe and gratitude. This was so much more that the picture we send you. You managed to duplicate it to a T.

Neil thank you to you and your team. Please feel free to share my details with who ever needs to.
Thank you for not only making a dream come true, but fitting it in my budget.

Best Regards
Paul van der Merwe